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We Wear Kicks to Work

We Wear Kicks to Work merges theory, practice, and real-life stories within the world of higher education, leadership, and beyond. This fast-paced text uses culturally responsive tools as vehicle to enhance your ability to reach audiences and teams of all types. We Wear Kicks embraces popular culture to help create new methodologies of leadership.

Trill Motivation

Trill Motivation

Traditional outlooks on leadership and motivation stops here. Trill Motivation will keep you fresh and funky all at the same time. Through imagery, poetry and commentary, MrJeffDess tackles leadership and motivation from a contemporary perspective. This is the new wave of encouragement, inspiration and development for yourself and community.

Deconstructing Ratchet

Deconstructing Ratchet provides a poetic conversation on the complexity that is Ratchet and the culture that surrounds it. Using the art of haiku,Deconstructing Ratchet evokes humor, paradox and intellectual discourse all while twerkin to dope beats and drenched in a hot mess. This book looks to reshape the way you look at ratchet culture and all of its incarnations and definitions. Enjoy the ride and shake something while you're at it.

Deconstructing Ratchet
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we can see your privates

This book of haiku investigates the entities that have contributed to the blurry line that once separated the public and private. With critiques on culture, politics, relationships and more, "We Can See Your Privates" is the text that just may save you from getting your privates exposed to the public. With over 200 haiku present prepare yourself for a visit to the House of Haiku.

This is Your Event Title

or generations the home of the Reverend MoFo Jones remained untouched,unseen and left alone. The good Reverend waited for a moment of truth and lies to be uncovered. MrJeffDess paid this historic crib a visit and is now prepared to guide us through a home that is mandatory to our minds.


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do not hold doors

The text "do not hold doors" uses poetry to investigate social, historical and cultural aspects of black lifestyle in America and abroad. "do not hold doors" digs through the surface looking towards creating a voice for younger members of the Post Soul generation. Dessources uses diverse poetic techniques and channels black history to create a text of education and enlightenment.

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