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Keynote Speeches: Collections
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The Legacy Slam

In baseball a grand slam bring home 4 runs. In tennis we were introduced to the Serena Slam which is winning all of the biggest trophies in one calendar year. It’s one thing to be a great leader and it’s a another thing to set the bar to unseen heights. To reach a new level of leadership you must achieve the Legacy Slam. Through this energetic presentation, participants will be introduced to the 4 tenets of achieving a leadership legacy. Attendees will leave understanding how to impact their peers as well as generations to come more effectively

Learning Outcomes:
1. Develop strategies on enhancing their leadership skills
2. Develop team building techniques
3. Discover importance of challenging and motivating members

haitian son multicultural.jpg

Notes of Haitian Son: A Different look at Multiculturalism

Description: For much of his life MrJeffDess lived life embedded in two different worlds. As the child of Haitian born parents he was fully entrenched in his cultural heritage of his parents' homeland. While experiencing that he also had to deal with urban surroundings of Jamaica, Queens, New York. These two worlds often clashed. Within this session MrJeffDess helps the audience understand the duality of his cultural situation. The picture of immigrant culture, Haitian and African American struggle, poverty, discrimination, power struggle and more will be painted.

1. Students will be able to demonstrate techniques and utilize tools to interrupt micro-aggressions and bias behaviors that adversely impact under-represented communities.
2. Student will be able to develop or articulate an understanding of their own culture and an appreciation for other cultures
3. Students will be able to enhance their feeling of involvement, inclusion, engagement and loyalty

9 laws trill.jpg

9 Laws of Trill

Description: The 9 Laws of Trill will take your success to the next level. Through this interactive presentation students will learn key strategies to achieving high levels of excellence as a student. Each law will provide participants with specific tips on building a successful lifestyle during and after college. Tips include ways to overcome hurdles, techniques on improving one’s focus, ways to avoid distractions and more!

Learning Outcomes
1. Assesses, articulates, and acknowledges personal skills, abilities, and growth areas
2. Can articulate how personal identities relate to larger social constructs
3. Explores and articulates the values and principles involved in personal decision-making


Disrupting Success

Traditional outlooks on leadership end here. This keynote will provide you with insight on the basics of leadership then crash through those theories to enhance your understanding on how to better serve those around you. Success is more than what you make it, it's a PROCESS. Trust this Disruptive Process! Whether you are a new leader or experienced, this presentation will help you dissect leadership through self examination and motivational techniques.

Learning Outcomes
1. Develop strategies on enhancing their leadership skills
2. Create a critical outlook on leadership development
3. Develop alternative takes on success and motivation

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