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Trill or Not Trill was birthed in October 2015 as an idea inspired by social media musings by made MrJeffDess. After one post MrJeffDess joined forces with fellow educator Lenny Williams. Together, they started a movement that goes beyond articles and blog posts.

Trill or Not Trill is an educational platform made to integrate culturally relevant content with the world of student development and leadership. Trill or Not Trill brings together voices from pop culture to student affairs. Trill or Not Trill is blog, a speakers bureau, a media platform, a classroom and more.

We appropriately turn up and support educational socialites. We read Dubois and Dab while doing so. Our audiences include students, higher ed professionals and anyone who’s interested in a good old fashioned educational turn up.

Stay Trill, folks!

Trill or Not Trill: About
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