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MrJeffDess is an experienced poet, emcee and spoken word artist who has performed all around the globe. He's the perfect choice for your poetry shows and events.

MrJeffDess would also like to introduce you to the House of Haiku. This series of shows are an interactive artistic explosion. While using the haiku poem as a voice box, these shows will also include other mediums featuring, vocal, dance and instrumental portions as well as live painting and more.

MrJeffDess and his artistic group of friends will take the audience on a whirlwind tour of the world. It’s officially time to get funky.
Click Below to see more about each show.

Deep Breath

"Eric Garner's last words were "I Can't Breathe". In part the community is struggling to breath. The people are protesting. Law enforcement is being examined and are also protesting. The justice system's tumultuous relationship with people of color continues. Through this poetic and theatrical show, MrJeffDess challenges the community to start healing and finding answers by taking a DEEP BREATH."

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Growing Up Haitian

Get a taste of Haiti all from a New York City Apartment. Growing Up Haitian is a live show powered by MrJeffDess and the House of Haiku. This fun, interactive show brings together culture and humor from a Haitian American perspective.

Turn Down for Naught

Inspired by the book Deconstructing Ratchet, this live show is part comedy and part insightful commentary. It's a bit ratchet with a side of intellect. Get ready for high energy!

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